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I have always wanted a gold tooth. This will certainly tide me over for a good while! Thanks @neekobonzini for  bedazzling my grill.  #toothgem #neekobonzini #babygrill #freaktoof
Day 9 of people I love- taken back in Oklahoma City 2008. You are probably the funniest person i know and my favorite person to sit at the pool with in the summer. Love you @mattyzoob1516 hope to see you soon!
Day 8 - I love this little guy so much and can’t believe how much sweetness is packed into his tiny body! @tjames19 tell your son I love him.
Still stoked from yesterday when I got my first #solarbranding by @neekobonzini . I’m already looking forward to the next!
Day 7- one of my favorite smoke buddies. I would never try to count the blunts and pizzas we have shared together. Love you @samuravonriot
Day 6-  I love this talented freak and if you don’t know who the fuck he is, you are a square!  @riottrockette you rock my heart and I love shooting you.
Day 5 of my own challenge -  @ladymiette you light up my life with your perfect sense of humor, gigantic heart, and creative genius. I freakin love you!
Taken at the Hollywood London Hotel. Eleven  years of beautiful friendship and brilliant insanity. Day3 - @_christ_ian_  *xo
This is how I felt about that beard! Thanks @maddixthebarber for the straight razor shave
Starting the month off by giving myself a challenge. Posting a photo everyday, that I have taken of someone that I love. Let’s see how far I get. @kittychow666 I love you & you will forever have a home in my heart.