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Found this treasure in the parking lot when I took the lady on a fancy date to the Olive Garden today.  #bigdaddylovethunder @therealholliwould
Something a little sweet to end the morning. 🙏 #rodeoh | @rodeohs
Work is no different than three tickets to Chillidephia. @therealholliwould | @kaiju_blue33 | @rodeohs #girlswithtattoos #ftm #rodeohs #vintagespeedo #buttmunch #bathrooomporn
The science of heavy lids.
My home office. Big thanks to @therealholliwould for always capturing me while I capture others. 👌 #hayfields #rodeoh

Heading into town yesterday to meet a photo client so she could follow us back to our home. We live in the middle of fucking nowhere now.. and directions are almost impossible.

☕️🍴 country scramble . #frontporchsittin
👆So that happened… Thanks to @therealholliwould | @rodeohs 👆#makeitclap 👏
🙏 @rodeohs  🙏